The company is led by Dr Lizzie Rushton and Laura Thomas.

  • Lizzie completed her PhD in geography at the University of Nottingham in 2014. Since 2011 she has led fieldwork with an ecological focus in England, France, Belize and Mexico. Following this she taught science and geography in schools in Kent. Since 2016 she has worked with the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS), an education charity that supports schools in contributing to original science research. As their Director of Evaluation she has explored the impact of participation in IRIS projects on school students, teachers and technicians. Lizzie has co-authored papers with school students and leading academics in the field of science education and student research. She is also an Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL Institute of Education.
  • Laura‚Äôs background is in physics but her career has been spent communicating science and building partnerships across primary, secondary and higher education and industry organisations. After spending five years working on physics, maths and astronomy schools outreach for Queen Mary, University of London she became a self-employed consultant working on a wide range of projects with many different organisations. Laura has worked with local authorities to train their staff and teachers, has developed and delivered physics programmes for museums linked to their collections and has written articles and policy reports for organisations such as the Institute of Physics. Since 2016 she has worked with IRIS and leads on project development and school support as their Director of Education. She is currently undertaking an MRes in Educational Research at the University of Stirling.