Ondata Research provides evaluation services and consultancy to multiple organisations. We collaborate with clients to help them understand project impact, whilst also providing mentoring and support through the phases of project development and delivery.

Services include:

  • Evaluation planning, implementation and report writing.
  • Research-informed advice and guidance in areas including education, outreach and public engagement.
  • Policy development, resource development and advocacy in education, outreach and public engagement.

Current and previous clients include:

The research and evaluation work carried out for clients uses a Mixed Methods approach of combining both quantitative and qualitative methods. Each project has its own programme of evaluation designed to allow the impact to be understood as fully as possible. In particular, we have experience with:

  • Designing qualitative and quantitative tools to understand whether a project’s aims have been met.
  • Collaborating with project teams throughout to provide guidance and support.
  • Analysis and interpretation of large data sets, including across multiple years of a project lifetime.
  • Communicating and explaining impact effectively.
  • Supporting project teams to explore the theoretical grounding of their work.

Language Horizons Case Study

Funded by the Department for Education (DfE), Language Horizons (led by the University of Cardiff) is a mentoring scheme bringing together university undergraduates with school pupils to encourage them to consider studying modern foreign languages at GCSE and beyond.

We worked with the Language Horizons team to help them understand the impact of the 2019-2020 project cycle on pupils, teachers and university mentors. The project partnered with 4 universities and 40 schools, reaching around 1,000 pupils. We developed and implemented an evaluation methodology, which was reviewed and agreed by both the project team and the DfE. The methodology included both qualitative and quantitative tools, in a mixed methods approach.

There was regular contact with the project team to manage data collection and analysis and an interim report allowed for preliminary results to be reported back to funders. The conclusion to the project, and consequently the final evaluation report, was affected by the March 2020 lockdown. However, we were still able to evidence the wide-ranging impact the project had on pupils, teachers and university mentors.

“Working with Ondata has been a pleasure. Working to tight and moveable timeframes has been eased by the flexibility and commitment that Lizzie and Laura have shown, in particular to delivering outcomes in the interest of the project. They have been attentive to detail and have worked assiduously to understand the project details, working closely with management to ensure that reports are targeted and robust.”

Lucy Jenkins, Project Manager, Language Horizons